Hi, I'm Lei.

Self-confessed Bookworm. Movie Buff. TV Addict. 
A SHERLOCKian at heart. Proud 6th member of Arashi. LoVe shipper. 
Travel Consultant by profession. Private school part-owner.

I usually spend my off days cooped up in my bed with a good book in hand or watching DVDs of my favorite TV shows. If not that, then I’m probably blogging away here, travelling, or playing sports.

This Blog

My original blogs used to be located in Multiply and Wordpress. However, I found Blogger to be the most user-friendly among free web hosts, so last July 2012, I decided to slowly transfer my blog here.

This blog will contain stuff that I like and will sometimes contain reviews. I am not a professional reviewer but I love to post my thoughts and opinions regarding stuff that I watch and read. 

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