Thursday, May 12, 2016

Prince of Ballad

By now I've seen many episodes of the variety show, 1 Night 2 Days and I know Sung Si Kyung is a good singer but I haven't really watched any of his performances on Youtube or really listened to his songs. My introduction to SSK was through Joo Won when I watched Baker King Special and saw Joo Won performed the song "Two People." I fell in love with the song but I didn't seek out the original version and the original singer. 

Also, he mentions Sung Si Kyung's songs a lot during interviews before. He seems to really like listening and singing to his songs. Then I watched 1N2D season 2 because of Joo Won and surprisingly, Sung Si Kyung was also one of the new casts. They call him "The Prince of Ballad." But you know how 1N2D is such an image ruiner and since I haven't seen SSK on any other show, I only saw him as this really huge guy who is super strong, smart (even though they nicknamed him Idiot Sung), competitive, and with a huge appetite. Everyone goes hungry on that show but for some reason, when I think of food, my first thought will be Sung Si Kyung. It also didn't help that I've seen him without his glasses and he doesn't really look that good without them so I didn't find him swoon worthy. (Although, I swooned every time he cooks. That's one of my weaknesses, a guy who knows how to cook.)

But then, for some reason, while watching a 1N2D episode last night, I started looking up Sung Si Kyung's video performances on Youtube. I think my jaw dropped to the floor when I watched him. Haha. I mean, like I said, I KNOW he is a good singer but it's like it didn't hit me just how great he is - not until that moment. And while watching him sing I understood why girls swoon over him. I did too. 

Below are some of Sung Si Kyung's video performances however the first video is the album version of "Two People" which is my favorite SSK song.

edit: 12May2016, 1948H - Just found out that most of the videos I previously embedded here cannot be played outside Youtube so I have to change them.

"Two People"

 "Two People" (Live Version)

"You Are My Spring"

"It's You" 


"I Believe"

and he sings really well in English too!

(I couldn't find a replacement video for this one 
so just head over to YT. You won't regret it. It's one
of the best renditions of this song.)

He really deserves the title "The Prince of Ballad."

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