Thursday, August 14, 2014

Veronica Mars is going META!!!

It's been announced way back that Veronica Mars will be getting a spin off web-series. It will be starring Ryan Hansen as a version of himself trying to get his very own Dick Casablancas series on air. 

Last August 12, we finally learned more about the series, Play It Again, Dick, including the casts and it's airing date.

I set up a notification alert every time the creator and major casts of Veronica Mars tweet (see how obsessed I am? Lol) and early morning yesterday, at 4am, this is what woke me up. (obviously, I live on the other side of the world)


I was still very sleepy but when I read that, I felt like I was jolted awake. 

A lot of VM alums will be in the spinoff series and most of them are playing 2 characters: a version of themselves and their original characters in the show. But there are also some like Ryan Devlin who will be playing as himself and… wait for it…

Duncan Kane!

If you're a VM fan then you know Ryan played the rapist Mercer Hayes and Duncan Kane was played by Teddy Dunn who apparently has now left showbiz and become a lawyer. In this spinoff however, Ryan will return not as Mercer Hayes but Duncan Kane.

I honestly laughed when I read that and it made me even more curious. But then again, I reached the end of that BuzzFeed article and learned that in Ryan Hansen's show, Jason Dohring lost his role (ahem, Logan Echolls) to some "flamboyant choreographer." And not only that, the series will also feature The CW's president Mark Pedowitz and the head of development, Thom Sherman.

So frakin' meta.

BuzzFeed's right. It was a lot to process. But… okay, confession time: I love it when shows go a bit meta. I really do. I find it so much fun. Case in point: Supernatural. They have these few episodes (I think once every season), where they go meta - from spoofing the show and other tv shows, from acknowledging fanfiction (and Wincest!) and even transporting to another dimension where they are working as actors in a show called Supernatural. 

So much fun. 

So, yeah, this spinoff which was reported to have only 8 episodes is extremely meta. And I'm so in!

Play It Again, Dick will premiere on September 15 on CW Seed.

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