Sunday, April 27, 2014

feeling inspired about "shipping"

So, yesterday I stumbled upon this post on tumblr:

Obviously, we're not talking about the process of transporting goods here (though the poster tagged that joke above.) To those not familiar, shipping is also a term used in fandoms and it came from the word relationship (or worship). Wikipedia describes it as "the belief of two people, usually fictional, to be in a romantic relationship. It is considered a general term for fans' emotional involvement with the ongoing development of romance in a work of fiction."

Long before I knew the term shipping, I was already doing this with characters from books, anime and TV shows. That's why I was so in love with the quote and it inspired me to create some photo edits using it.

I've downloaded a few pictures of couples over the internet and I started editing them and I made these initially:


The problem is once I've made them, I don't know which one to pick and to post. I decided I needed help and asked my friends and my sister to vote which one they like. At first, they have different votes and I even made a collage of the pictures if that would make their choices easier.

For the first 2 collages, the only difference is the font color while the 3rd one is in sepia tone. I kinda like it but since I like them all (again!), I asked my friends if they prefer the collage or the single pics only. Single pics won.

Final choices for the singles are #2 and #4. I decided to go with #2 because of what Rach said, that she likes the tone of #4 but didn't think it was lovey-dovey enough. And well, shipping is all about love.

So that's what I posted on tumblr and instagram together with below caption:

Saturday, April 26, 2014

updates... updates...

Yesterday, I received an email from my domain registrar that the domain name for this blog is up for auto-renewal by May. That kinda jolted me and made me remember that I'm paying for this site and I haven't updated in months. 

Well, as usual, the reason is just that I've been really busy. More so than usual. Last February, I moved to another country and until now I'm still adjusting. New people, new environment, new language, new customs and rules to adhere to - yes, still adjusting. 

I've also started my new job and that's additional adjustment. Some of my job duties are way different from my previous job so I'm learning the basics. I'm just glad though that my co-workers are really nice and are helping me get through it.

Last March, I was so deeply engrossed in one fandom. Maybe you've seen the countdown on the top of my blog. It was special. Fans of the TV show waited years to get this movie and we even helped fund it. Yes, I'm a proud backer. The Veronica Mars movie premiered last March 14 and I spent weeks before that following the creator and the actors while they do promotions (interviews and stuff) for the movie. Once the movie premiered, I was still way too busy checking social media sites like Twitter and Tumblr and just sharing everything. From every piece of news to every appearance and reading every review. Not to mention losing sleep voting for every single voting poll out there that features Veronica Mars. 

A few days after the movie was out, the first book of the Veronica Mars series came out. I was so excited for this and I ended up getting 4 versions of this book: paperback, kindle, playbook, and audiobook. It was also the first time I've read a book while simultaneously listening to the audiobook. It was kinda surreal to be honest. It was even made more special with the fact that it was Kristen Bell narrating the book. Veronica Mars herself.

Currently now, on the job front, I'm not that busy anymore. What's keeping me quite busy are the tons of TV shows I'm watching plus the books I'm reading plus keeping up with all the updates from Twitter plus Tumblr.  But I do hope to post updates from time to time to keep this blog active. We'll see.

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