Sunday, January 5, 2014

Veronica Mars Theatrical Trailer

6 years.

6 damn long years when even though the fans desperately crave for it and the creator and lead actress obviously want it to happen, despite all the talks and articles appearing on different websites, it felt like it was a long shot.

All those years waiting for the continuation of this beloved series, I've immersed myself in the world of fanfiction. There are a lot of talented writers in the VM world and there are also a lot of stories out there which I would like to think how the story would end. But of course, the thirst to see how Rob Thomas would really end this story is always there. Despite all the lovely fanfiction, that thirst never goes away.

That's why it still feels like a dream to know that we're really having a Veronica Mars movie. There a couple of times where I would visit certain websites who are featuring an article about it and I would see the comments of people saying stuff like, "what is this show? I haven't heard of this. Why are they making a movie out of a lowly rated TV series like this?"

That's okay. I get where they are coming from. But this is exactly what a cult TV show is like. Most of the time it is underrated but will have dedicated fans online. (Not to mention that it is actually a well written and smart show.) The Veronica Mars fandom has persisted and now we're having a movie made possible by fans for fans! (Plus books, don't forget the book series! Gah.)

I've been vocal in tumblr and twitter that I loathed the last video they released - the one depicting the "love triangle." Thankfully, this one is a whole lot better.

Some comments about the trailer:

  • "The Perfect Man" - I think a lot of people had a LOT to say about this and that discussion has been going on for years so I won't say anything anymore. But seriously, perfect? *rolls eyes*
  • There is a major character missing from this trailer and I'm not sure if it was him on that picture that was shown in flash.
  • The line "Nine years of radio silence and yet I still kinda knew I could count on you." Why do I feel that this just wasn't Logan Echolls talking to Veronica Mars? It felt like it was the Veronica Mars world talking to the fans. Though it's not 9 years after when they launched the Kickstarter project, I think as fans, we have proven that we are always here for Veronica Mars. =)
  • Umm, I think I actually cried while watching the trailer. Haha. It feels so shallow thinking about it now. But yeah, I did.
Is it March yet?

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