Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Book Trailers

The internet has truly changed the way a person can acquire and enjoy a book. Before, we can only get physical copies of books by borrowing them from the libraries or buying them from the local bookstore. Nowadays, these are not the only ways. You have websites like Amazon.com where you can buy a physical copy and/or digital copy of a book. Libraries also have websites now and you can borrow digital copies of books from libraries from different places without even leaving the confines of your own home.

Back then, I only choose what books to buy or read next when I visit a local bookstore and saw a copy there. Now, there are websites like Goodreads.com and Shelfari.com where not only you can organize your books and keep track of what you read by making online bookshelves but see the recommendations on what to read next. Ratings also give you a glimpse of whether the book is good or not.

I've just recently started to read lots of books again. For the past years, TV occupied my life and I got to read something like only 10 books per year. With my newly found addiction again, I've also frequented websites for books. I was a member of Shelfari but recently shifted to Goodreads. Thanks to this site, I've discovered a lot of different books, some of them not even yet available here in our country.

Okay, stop. I've said quite a lot up there already. I wanted to make an introduction but I realized I’ve been rambling. What I really want to talk about are book trailers.

Yes, you read that right. Book Trailers. Trailers, like those for a movie or TV series, but these are for books. 

Book trailers have been around for quite some time. I first noticed them in Wattpad where authors there post a video in Youtube as a companion for their original story. I find it really cool and it's kinda fun to see the characters you are reading come to life. 

This past week I've started reading The Perfect Chemistry series of Simone Elkeles. I've finished Book 1 of the series last Saturday and I'm done with Book 2: Rules of Attraction last night. Earlier yesterday, I went to Goodreads and visited the page for Book 3: Chain Reaction. There was a reviewer there who posted pictures of the 3 Fuentes brothers and there was also a shot of a girl who seems to be Nikki, the lead in the 3rd book. She said that the snapshot came from the trailer.

At first I was confused. I thought the book was going to have a TV series (or perhaps a movie!). But lo and behold, it was actually a book trailer and an official one at that.

The author Simone Elkeles posted the video on her Youtube site. I found a video of the Chain Reaction trailer and also the trailer for Rules of Attraction. The trailer for Perfect Chemistry is a rap video and although it is cool, it doesn’t feature the original oldest Fuentes brother as was in the book cover.

Watch these book trailers. They’re so good. I can honestly say that they can turn into a TV series. Oh, that would be so cool!



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