Friday, June 12, 2009


Koizora, also known as Sky of Love, is the film adaptation of a cell phone novel by a first time author named Mika. It is purportedly based from her own experiences and the cell phone novel had millions of followers. Sounds interesting, yes, however what a heck of life she must have had! Koizora deals with underage sex, teenage pregnancy, gang rape, miscarriage and cancer! Wow, what a life.
Aragaki Yui plays high school student Tahara Mika who one day loses her cell phone. It was found and returned by schoolmate and high school delinquent Sakurai “Hiro” Hiroki. Hiro deletes all her contacts and stalks her with phone calls. The two decided to finally meet and despite obvious differences started a relationship. They are hampered with a lot of difficulties including Hiro’s ex-girlfriend, Saki who hired a couple of guys and had Mika kidnapped and raped.
I think the leads are way mature for their roles but I think it worked anyway. Aragaki Yui is a perfect choice to play the na├»ve Mika as she was totally likable and captivating. She has a natural charm and charisma that were magnified onscreen. J-pop singer Miura Haruma is also right for the role of Hiro. The bleached hair suited him perfectly and he can carry on the bad boy image with such brass, that it was believable. However, acting wise, he was not good on dramatic parts. I was laughing when he was crying by the river and telling Mika that he didn’t want to die.
By the way, who else adore Keisuke Koide as Fukuhara Yu, the good boyfriend? I really wanted Mika to end up with him. But I guess, girls do fall for the bad guys.
The cinematography was beautiful. The careful shots of Kyushu were breathtaking. There were also great shots of the skies over Japan.
Now on to criticisms. For the fans, forgive me but I didn’t fell in love with this movie. I liked it yes, but I wasn’t over-my-head gaga over it like what happened in Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru. I think it bit off more than it can chew. I guess it could have been better then if there was enough time to develop the plot points.
Koizora was a romantic story but the hurdles that befall this young couple, especially to Mika were just pretty mind-boggling to be real. Suspension of belief is important indeed.
Also, it’s poignant and heartbreaking at parts but for some reason I didn’t even shed a tear for this movie. Even at the tragic part, which I actually thought was well-done, I didn’t even sob. Maybe because it was way too overdramatic that my tears won’t come out, ya’ think?
That being said, I still do think the movie was worth my time. Aragaki Yui and (okay, fine) Miura Haruma too were good reasons enough to check it out. Plus, the visual beauty of the cinematography.

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