Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Album: Time

Time is the ninth studio album of the Japanese boy band, Arashi. It was released in two editions, a Normal and a Limited Edition. The normal edition contains a bonus track and a 28-page booklet, while the limited edition included a CD containing a solo song of each of the members of the group. The album contains the singles “Aozora Pedal”, “Love so sweet” and “We Can Make It!”. Released five years since the group’s first album, it sold 190,870 copies in its first week, making it the second best-selling Arashi album. It reach number two on its first week in the United World Chart behind Smashing Pumpkins’ Zeitgeist.

In the limited edition release of the album, all of the members of the band performed a solo song, the first time since the release of the album One in 2005.

“Song for me”
Vocals: Satoshi Ohno
Vocals: Masaki Aiba
Vocals and lyrics by: Kazunari Ninomiya
“Can’t Let You Go”
Vocals and Rap lyrics by: Sakurai Sho
Vocals: Jun Matsumoto

Track Listing
1 “Oh Yeah!” 4:42
2 “Love so sweet” 4:51
3 “Wave” 3:49
4 “We Can Make It!” 4:12
5 “Firefly” 3:51
6 “Taiyou no Sekai”
(“太陽の世界”) 4:44
7 “Carry on” 4:16
8 “Rock You” 4:10
9 “Cry for you ” 3:57
10 “Love Situation” 4:07
11 “Kaze” (“風”) 4:21
12 “Be with you” 5:09
13 “Life” 5:05
14 “Aozora Pedal” (“アオゾラペダル”) 5:23
15 “Everybody Zenshin” (Normal Edition only)
(“Everybody前進”) 4:07

I absolutely love it. For me, this is the best Arashi album. It comprises everything that they’re good at. It makes a very good listening material. My favorite so far is Love Situation and Life. I just love listening to it. It’s lively and upbeat and never boring! It’s really good.

Matsujun’s Yabai-Yabai-Yabai is not as good as La Familia, but then again, it grows on you. La Familia is my favorite Matsujun’s song and I don’t think anything can top that. As usual, Sho’s rapping again and I just love it when he raps. He’s so cool!

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